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Pouttu Muu & Kasviliha

Pouttu Muu & Kasviliha

2019 marked a historic turnabout for traditional Finnish meat producer Pouttu who started developing vegetable-based products that taste like meat. The whole project was a quick sprint from product development to marketing communications, and Mellakka Helsinki had to get Pouttu Muu on everyone’s lips both literally and figuratively almost overnight.

Our plan included multiple elements from media communications to social media activations and advertising. Finnish authorities added extra spark in the launch by forbidding the use of the selected meat-related terms, such as veggie-meat, in Pouttu Muu’s packaging and campaigns.

The world is changing and so is Pouttu. Mellakka Helsinki has had a key role in our change. The marketing communications for Pouttu Muu veggie-meat products have been pure gold and we have to thank Mellakka Helsinki for this. The collaboration has been painless and even fun! When you are on the same page, things proceed quickly and both parties are happy with the results. I’ve tried a fair number of things in the past and with all the perspective and experience I’ve gained, I can recommend Mellakka Helsinki in good conscience to everyone.
– Mikko Karell, CEO, Pouttu Oy

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